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SMB Community Podcast by Karl W. Palachuk

Focused 100% on IT Service Providers and SMB IT Consultants. The SMB Community Podcast is produced by Karl W. Palachuk and the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. Dedicated to the success of every IT professional. Episodes drop every Thursday. Hosts include Karl W. Palachuk, Amy Babinchak, and James Kernan.

May 4, 2015

Last week we had a report from Robin Robins’ Big This is the second report on that event – featuring an interview with Robin herself on why this event is different from other events in the community.

In this podcast, I interview four folks: Nadia Karatsoreos from MAXfocus, Stephen Swavley from Documentation Toolkit, Rob Rae from Datto, and Robin Robins from Technology Marketing Toolkit. The first three are vendors. As you know, I love vendors because the pay the bills at these events. They literally make it possible for us to have channel-related events.


Nadia Karatsoreos

Nadia Karatsoreos – MAXfocus

Nadia Karatsoreos – http://conferences.maxfocus.comwww.maxfocus.com


Stephen Swavley

Stephen Swavley – Documentation Toolkit

Stephen Swavley –


Rob Rae and Robin Robins

Rob Rae and Robin Robins

Rob Rae from Datto with Robin –


Special Musical note . . . Music for this episode courtesy of Holland Marie . . .

Holland Marie

Holland Marie

Used with permission of the artist.


Listen to all four interviews and my commentary here:

Listen to the Podcast.