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SMB Community Podcast by Karl W. Palachuk

Focused 100% on IT Service Providers and SMB IT Consultants. The SMB Community Podcast is produced by Karl W. Palachuk and the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. Dedicated to the success of every IT professional. Episodes drop every Thursday. Hosts include Karl W. Palachuk, Amy Babinchak, and James Kernan.

Brain Bites

Sep 16, 2014

Bigger Brains

The Sept 16th episode of Odd Tuesday highlights a Kickstarter campaign Chip Reaves from Bigger Brains launched to raise awareness for a series of courses Bigger Brains is currently developing. The Brain Bites mini-courses are basic productivity courses MSPs can resell to their clients that cover productivity skills in...

Sep 11, 2014

Datto best in show

I had a good visit with Rob T. Rae from Datto at the GFI Max 2014 conference this week. Later in the day, Datto was awarded both Best in Show and Best Exhibitor Interaction awards.

Datto is a backup and disaster recovery company with about 400 employees worldwide. They’re big in Canada, Europe, as well as...

The Office 365 Gold Rush Is On – and so is the SMB Nation Fall Conference

Sep 2, 2014

In September 2nd’s episode of Odd Tuesdays, Karl welcomes back SMB Nation‘s Harry Brelsford to discuss the latest on Windows XP and Server 03 SMB Nationmigrations.

Resident Oddball Amy Babinchak also joins the show to talk about Microsoft’s Multipoint.

You can find the Sept 2nd Odd Tuesdays episode here.

ALSO! Karl’s...