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SMB Community Podcast by James Kernan

Focused 100% on IT Service Providers and SMB IT Consultants. The SMB Community Podcast is produced by Karl W. Palachuk and the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. Dedicated to the success of every IT professional. Episodes drop every Thursday. Hosts include Karl W. Palachuk, Amy Babinchak, and James Kernan.

Sep 28, 2023

Today's special episode of SMBCP we have a special guest host, Donna Blum. 

1.) The MSP Question of the Week
Is it a good idea for couples to work together in the same company? 


2.) Five Minutes with a Smart Person - Nick Wolf of EVO Security

Nick is a senior sales 
executive with experience growing channel...

Sep 21, 2023

1.) MSP Question of the Week 

When should I hire my first sales person?


2.) Smart Person - Brianna Haun 

Brianna's passion is to provide a level of excellence in serving clients, leading a team, and impacting the community through a value driven lifestyle. Gaining a new perspective, shifting a mindset, or creating...

Sep 14, 2023

In this special edition of the SMB Community Podcast, host James sits down for an in-depth discussion with Jason Miller Jason Miller - founder and CEO of BitLyft.

Have you ever been lured in by a big-name vendor, only to discover their definition of services didn't quite match your expectations?

Tune into "Burned by the...

Sep 7, 2023

1.) MSP Question of the Week

What the heck is EOS?

We break down Entrepreneurial Operating System.

Recommended reading:,companies%2C%20helping%20them%20implement%20EOS


2.) Five Minutes with a Smart Person -...