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Jun 19, 2013

Need to Manage Amazon Web Services?

ElasticTask Gets The Job Done


One of the cool things I noticed about the Autotask Community Live event is that many partners are developing products and services that plug into Autotask. In all cases, these partners solved a problem internally and then turned that program into a product that can be used by others. One of the coolest I saw was ElasticTask.

Lubbi Ernjakovic from ElasticTask


ElasticTask helps you make sense of your Amazon Web Services billing, converts it automatically into Autotask, QuickBooks, and other programs, and even creates the related products you need for AT invoices.

I talked to Lubbi Ernjakovic about the specifics. If you sell AWS , I think you’ll find this very interesting.

This product is worth a look if:

– You sell/resell AWS and have multiple child accounts

– You have several AWS accounts

– You want estimated bills from your AWS service

– You want a centralized dashboard for managing AWS accounts, child accounts

– You need monitoring of AWS services

– You want automatic ticketing and alerts from AWS


No matter what services you buy from Amazon, this product will parse the services and automatically create them in Autotask for use in invoices and configurations.


For more information on ElasticTask, visit

ListenNowGuy – Download the Interview with Lubbi Ernjakovic from ElasticTask  here.