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SMB Community Podcast by Karl W. Palachuk

Focused 100% on IT Service Providers and SMB IT Consultants. The SMB Community Podcast is produced by Karl W. Palachuk and the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. Dedicated to the success of every IT professional. Episodes drop every Thursday. Hosts include Karl W. Palachuk, Amy Babinchak, and James Kernan.

Apr 8, 2017

Debbie Leoni is my life coach. I thought it would be useful to introduce her to the SMB IT community. I get questions about why I have a life coach coach and how that’s different from a business coach. I hope this interview answers those questions.

You can learn more about Debbie from her web site at You can also connect with her on Facebook. She has some great Facebook “Live” videos. So keep an eye out for those.

You can buy Debbie’s book – I Am Fearless – from her web site, on Amazon, or over at SMB Books.


Check out the interview here:

This interview is about half an hour.


Listen to the Podcast.


Links mentioned in this podcast:


Debbie’s Fearless Web Site


Debbie’s Facebook Page