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SMB Community Podcast by Karl W. Palachuk

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Jun 3, 2016

Alistair ForbesI had a great conversation with Alistair Forbes, the new Managing Director of SolarWinds MSP (formerly the General Manager at LogicNow).

In case you missed the news yesterday, SolarWinds MSP bought LogicNow. LogicNow CEO Walter Scott now becomes the Executive Vice President of Solarwinds MSP. And Dave Sobel retains his title as Senior Director of Partner Community and Field Marketing. I exchanged a few emails with Dave as he’s traveling in Portugal right now. He is very excited and positive about the changes ahead.

Change brings uncertainty, and I’ve received lots of emails and requests for information about this merger. So I asked Alistair to join me for a quick conversation to answer the big questions. This interview is about 15 minutes.

More details about this interview are on my blog at

As always, I am impressed with the LogicNow team’s openness and willingness to directly answer the major questions being asked online and in the forums. It’s a period major change, so there’s some natural “fear uncertainty and doubt.” But it looks like a great move in the right direction for LogicNow partners.

More information about SolarWinds MSP is here:

More information about LogicNow is here:

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