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SMB Community Podcast by James Kernan

Focused 100% on IT Service Providers and SMB IT Consultants. The SMB Community Podcast is produced by Karl W. Palachuk and the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. Dedicated to the success of every IT professional. Episodes drop every Thursday. Hosts include Karl W. Palachuk, Amy Babinchak, and James Kernan.

Oct 31, 2016

You know I’m all about SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). So I was happy to talk to Raj Goel about his “SOP Culture” project. He has defined a series of SOPs for I.T. Professionals. They are available on a subscription basis.

Check out the interview here:


This interview is about half an hour. Links mentioned...

Sep 22, 2016

I had a great talk with Rayanne Buchianico yesterday. We covered Sell My MSP, QuickBooks, important reports to run for your business, and the next course she’s teaching over at Great Little Seminar in October.

Here’s the video:


Listen to the Podcast.


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Robert Crane’s...

Aug 31, 2016

I interviewed with Dave Seibert from SMB TechFest about the Fall show. This event is held four times per year in Anaheim, CA.

This is always a good event. And this year, I’m pairing it up with my 12th Annual Fall Seminar. More about that on a future podcast.



Listen to the Podcast.


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Aug 23, 2016

We’re kicking off a whole new podcast series here at SMB Community Podcast. So subscribe today so you don’t miss a thing.

We’re going to be doing a series of “video call” podcasts of about 30 minutes each. These will be recorded as both a Video and as an Audio download. So you can decide whether you want to...

Jun 3, 2016

Alistair ForbesI had a great conversation with Alistair Forbes, the new Managing Director of SolarWinds MSP (formerly the General Manager at LogicNow).

In case you missed the news yesterday, SolarWinds MSP bought LogicNow. LogicNow CEO Walter Scott now becomes the Executive Vice President of Solarwinds MSP. And Dave Sobel retains his...